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On your marks..........Get Ready...........

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This stage of consciousness see us focusing more attention and a higher volume of energy in preparation for change in our structures, actions and perceptions about ourselves and our lives. We are building tension ready to explode into life.

We know that we must be someone else and we prepare for whatever is needed to make this change. Often we are preparing to resolve and discharge the energy which has been contradicting who we authentically are. This is the energy and patterning, the memories or stories that we had been using to protect ourselves in the world. We seek to build the life-force and contain it, feeling its power and potential to break the energetic ties that have kept us small.

This requires a good degree of inner strength, determination, courage and flexibility, which we have seeded through our earlier experiences. As we feel the tension building are are also aware of the dissonant patterns within us that must eventually be resolved.

An interesting phenomena happens in this stage. We notice that we are naturally making lifestyle changes. We may change a diet or exercise program, or begin to implement a daily spiritual practice. Interestingly serendipity begins to appear in life which promotes these changes. Its not that this doesn't happen in other stages but when it occurs with this level of consciousness we are flexible enough to both recognise it and act on it. We can be surprised by this serendipity even if it happens multiple times for seemly no reason. We observe ourselves moving our lives in a new direction laying down new behaviors, structures and perceptions.

These changes that we are beginning to implement take us deeper into the consciousness of this stage and we begin to enter an uncomfortable phase.

We may experience a building of tension like the precursor to the sneeze or the stomach turning before a big event. If we have successfully moved through the previous levels of consciousness we have a sense that this is necessary and its brings us to a bifurcation point.

Two options appear and both are equally valid paths we can take. One path continues to build the energy, tension and momentum necessary to take us beyond the conscious control of the mind and resolve the energetic ties that have held us in defense. This can occur with or without discharge.

The other path occurs with the building tension and energy melting into a feeling of calm and peace.

The key to this stage is the build up of energy not what happens with it. We sense something big is about to happen but we don't yet know exactly what. We are at the starting line but we do not know yet how the race will be won.

We will often hear ourselves say:

" Please give me the strength for what is coming. Give me the strength to beat this."

Craig Reynolds

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