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Craig has a foundation in traditional Chiropractic but no longer practices as a Chiropractor and has moved on to this evolving field of Reorganising.


His Chiropractic education gives him an extensive academic foundation and a substantial skill set to call on when necessary, however he believes that in this reorganising process we are seeing the evolution of healthcare and human development beyond what any traditional approaches have been able to provide.


Craig and the Orenda team are committed to providing the highest quality, sustainable empowering processes available to people at this point in time.


At times this process is raw, but with that comes authenticity and a beauty that honors who we truly are and the gifts we have to contribute to the world.


“It's a joy to be able to awaken that essence in others and I'm grateful every day to the pathways that led me to this process.” - Craig


At Orenda we are committed to addressing your immediate concerns and serving you to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on being congruent and real.


Part of congruence for us is to ensure that all of our team continue to receive this work at the highest level possible, keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest teachings and refinements of this process.


Our Key Principles 


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