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Craig Reynolds


One of my strongest childhood memories was lying in my bed at night and experiencing spatial distortions. I would see myself from an enormous distance, outside of my body. Far from being afraid of this experience I remember it being something that felt very comforting.

My younger years we full of creation and I had the knack of winning and manifesting things. These skills ‘went dark’ throughout my teenage and early adult years as I shut down and tried to fit into the world, mostly unsuccessfully.

After travelling the world for 2 years I found myself back in New Zealand and at Chiropractic college with no real clue as to why I was there. My first Philosophy class changed all that, when I heard the concept of universal and innate intelligence. Something clicked in me, and parts of my life began to make sense. I graduated as a Chiropractor but never practiced the traditional methods most people are familiar with. Something bigger was calling me to focus on the energetic nature of the system rather than just the spine.


At the time I was graduating a breakaway Chiropractic technique was being developed. Its primary focus was on the self-organizing capacity of the Nervous System. What I saw in this technique called Network Spinal Analysis was a new potential for humanity and I obsessed with mastering this process for the next 15 years. From this foundation the process of Energetic Integration has emerged which transcends and includes all of my previous learnings.

I believe humanity is on the precipice of significant change. All the evidence for a new tier of human development is here and the future looks magical once we align to these new choices.

Lucy Milne

From a very young age I had the gift of seeing energy. I experienced the energy as colors and orbs. I could see people's energy fields. On top of this my dreaming was intense and very vivid. Premonitions is a word I could use to describe them, and they were mostly about other people and what was about to happen in their lives. Both of these gifts are still with me today.

At times as a child these experiences were terrifying and through my early years and into high school I tried to shut things down and be more ‘normal’, which of course didn’t work out so well.

After completing a BA at Auckland University (History and Politics) I spent 17 years in the financial technology industry working for large global companies around the world. I played the successful cooperate.

Through my finance roles I had been introduced to Jay Shetty. We had become friends and it was during a trip to India with Jay and Radhanath Swami that I got my ‘wake up’ call. Everything changed from here, a complete transformation.


I left the finance industry, found myself back in New Zealand and began to immerse myself in this process of Energetic Integration.

It continually amazes me how powerful and naturally we can create change in our lives once we know the true organizing forces of our reality. There is so much more for us once we learn how to organize our energy. 


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