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1. We are dynamic self-organising systems


An innate wisdom resides within all of us which knows how to heal us, guide us and organise our energy.


This innate intelligence has a natural orientation towards health, wellbeing, growth and evolution.  ​When in this state our life becomes effortless, full ​of ​possibility and opportunity. ​


Pain, illness and suffering are indicators that we are not in our natural state.


Our ability to heal naturally becomes reduced.  


This makes our life uncomfortable, intentionally, in order for us to realise we are out of alignment with the  natural order of things. 

2. Energy is the organising force 

Anytime you bring a source of energy to a system that is consistent with its core nature, the intelligence that resides within that system will harness that energy and organise itself to a new baseline level.


Your available energy, more than anything else, manifests your emotions, thoughts, actions — essentially everything possible in your life and those your life impacts.


At Orenda the focus is to bring more energy to your system so that the intelligence and wisdom that organises and heals you is abundant.


When you have more available energy and resourcefulness, you are able to heal, grow and experience effortlessness in life.

3.  New emerging strategies

Right now for the first time in human history we are seeing new emerging strategies capable of harnessing and directing the energy (Orenda) required for healing and living that goes​ beyond our previous abilities.    


New levels of health, wellness and quality of life are available to all individuals, irrespective of your current situation. ​


These emerging strategies are not concepts or theories, but real embodied processes that have been studied and scientifically validated in universities worldwide.


This is cutting edge human development. 

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