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Coherence - The secret to Extraordinary Living.

We are biological spiritual beings in relationship with a unifying field of energy and information.

Humanity is waking up and as a result we are becoming more conscious and aware of the relationship between ourselves as living organisms and the objects we focus our attention on. We are learning how to consciously use the free energy of the universal field to create extraordinary lives, and coherence is the key.

Coherence is the quality of forming a unified whole, a system having all of its parts working in harmony.

As leading edge creators we are fully contained self-organising systems. We have an Innate Intelligence which organises our parts in response to the energy and information it has at its disposal. When the energy is abundant and the information flowing, this Intelligence positions us for healing, growth and evolution. However when under resourced it begins expressing fear, limitation and chunks our life down in order to conserve resources, keep us safe and alive.

It’s the perfect expression of a self-regulating system and it is continually influenced by its internal and external environments and the Energetic Influencers of those environments. As a result our lives are a constant dance between stability and instability as our parts continually adjust to the energy and information they receive, attempting to keep us in a growth orientate state when appropriate.

The Nervous System is a critical player in this dynamic as it is through our Nervous System that we interface with the external world. With a fully coherent nervous system our physical, mental and emotional systems are able to integrate, share their resources and make the subtle adjustments necessary to thrive in whatever environment we are experiencing. At this level of integrity our spiritual intelligence becomes the overseer of our development and extraordinary becomes our baseline for life. This level of organisation is now becoming available for all of humanity.

The ability to create coherence in our Nervous System is a game changer. Once we have coherence in our body it filters through to every area of life. We become capable of shifting energy and information into any area of our life that requires attention and we do it in a smooth effortless way. The results are magical.

The outcome for your life is whatever you chose it to be. Abundance, prosperity, deeper collaborative relationships, healing, transformation, resolution or awakening, its all available with little to no lag time.

First we seek coherence and then all it requires is the conscious and ecological use of energy and information to imprint the field through which all existence is manifested.

The possibilities this holds for our future are only limited by our tolerance for extraordinary, the size of our dreams and the impact we are seeking to make on the world.

Its next level, multidimensional living and its available now.

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