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A Shifting Consciousness.

Humanity is undergoing a change of direction, an evolution of sorts. It’s not a physical evolution; instead it is an evolution of consciousness. This shift has been underway for some time and has been described in many different ways through many different disciplines. Some are calling it a movement from the 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness, others a shift from 1st to 2nd tier consciousness. Most commonly it has been termed an Awakening of Humanity. Ultimately it is all the same thing. The momentum is building and we are observing evidence of it every day now.

What is most exciting about this change is that it hits at the heart of the consciousness and conditioning that in the past has separated us as individuals. It’s that old narrative that suggests life is hard and that we are here to survive and compete against each other. This story is reaching its end game. The lower vibrations and thinking that supports fear, lack, violence and polarize us into choosing a side are starting to give way, opening the door to a new way of ‘being’ in the world. This shift we are experiencing is changing the way we think, feel and conduct ourselves. The way we create, how we direct our energy, the way we treat others (and more importantly ourselves) and how we express our purpose in the world. This is a dramatic transformation and it is universal. It knows no boundaries and is therefore affecting every human being on earth whether we are conscious of it or not.

The effects of separation

As individuals when we feel separate we feel threatened and vulnerable. We experience a primitive drive for safety, certainty and we achieve this by trying to control our external world along with the people in it. We set unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others and hold fixed perspectives which eventually lead to conflict among others who have different views and beliefs. This further reinforces our feeling of separateness and our survival instincts become our primary focus. We become reactive to anything or anyone in our environment that challenges our ability to remain in control and stable. This leads to conflict which we have all experienced at times in our individual lives and our relationships.

Throughout history we see it in our wars and our religions which were and still are very much based on separation and duality. Right vs wrong, good vs evil. When people are polarised they are forced to choose a side. The more people who agree with us the safer we feel. We form inclusive social and cultural groups and communities with like-minded individuals and we judge and critique other groups and viewpoints in order to feel connectedness. Governments, global corporations, central banks and the power brokers such as pharmaceutical companies have all understood how to lobby, manipulate and control the masses through this type of narrative and the polarisation of people. We can look at any area of modern society and see this. The world’s wealth distribution is top heavy and designed to contain and control the masses through lifetimes of debt, so that those in power can remain at the top. The healthcare system is designed to restore people to a previous state of health with almost no self-responsibility, disempowering individuals and encouraging passive participation in health and wellness outcomes by over prescribing and scare tactics which have people questioning the body’s ability to heal itself.

We have seen this pattern for many generations and at a point in time was a significant step forward in human development. There was a time where the chaos and lack of control in the world was equally as damaging and so enforced stability was a significant step. This cycle of stability through control has now reached its peak of effectiveness and like all cycles must now reorganise to the next level or perish. To achieve this a period of instability is necessary and we are seeing this happening right now.

Every aspect of life on the planet will therefore be affected by this shift. Every thought we think, feeling we feel and action we take will change. This shift is altering our perception of time, how we remember the past, the wiring of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. The structure of our mind, its conditioned beliefs, our perceptions of good, bad, right and wrong are all going to be renegotiated. Our awareness of what we believe possible, who we really are and what we are here to contribute to humanity is all shifting. This movement will be from the bottom up, meaning it starts with you as an individual taking responsibility for your behaviour, your mind-set and how you conduct yourself. It must be global and unified and we are beginning to see it taking hold. As this expansion of consciousness begins to build momentum we are observing two opposing responses to it.

The current situation

Firstly many people, organisations and structures are going into a reactive survival based state as they are fearful of this shift. They are trying to preserve the old patterns and way of doing, the old way of being. They are trying to protect their investments and style of living by increasing separation, segregation and control. The tools of fear, judgement, hate and lies are all in plain sight for us to see, for those who wish to look. While this is uncomfortable to experience, it is necessary. This desire to hold on to the old is causing pain, suffering, extremism, violence and instability on individual and global levels. If you observe any segment of culture today, whether it be religion, politics, education, health or any minority group, you will notice that separation and division are more prevalent. Racial tensions, human rights, wars, fear and crime have dominated the news and the attention of many. Things seem to be getting louder and more aggressive with each passing day. The examples of this are everywhere, just look at any news feed today to see the opinions and judgments we are placing on each other.

At the other end of the spectrum some people are embracing this shift. Those willing to ride these waves of instability are accessing the new energies, opportunities and possibilities that are emerging from the chaos. These people are experiencing growth and expansion in every area of their lives. These wave riders have been waiting for this shift and have spent large periods of their lives in self-inquiry, seeking the pathway to this new field of consciousness. The wait is over. All that is now required is the integration and reorganising of our separated parts into one whole being.

Why now?

Humanity is transitioning and it is very timely as the current way of living and resourcing ourselves is simply unsustainable in its current format. The population growth, lengthening lifespans, debt levels, consumption of natural resources and waste associated are already stretching our resources on earth. Three, four maybe five generations from here there will dire consequences without significant changes. We must begin to shift NOW. For many this process is already well underway and the outcomes are exciting, liberating and surprisingly effortless.

This new way of life allows for unity, greater possibilities, connected communities and an expanding sense of ease and well being. From this perspective we see through the illusion of scarcity and the need to consume, control and be ‘right’. We see the gift in diversity and begin to recognise the potential energy that is available when we seek out novelty in our lives. This creates flexibility to our thinking, actions and the ways we structure our lives.

As this occurs we experience an expanded awareness that everything is connected and manifested through the universal field. All things exist in abundance for us to create with. This knowledge allows us to relax and shift our attention from competing for our share, to other more authentic purposes such as love, connection and the contribution of our gifts to the world. We begin to learn how to hold multiple viewpoints simultaneously in order to ensure that we are seeking the best possible outcome for whatever it is that we are participating in while remaining present to others perspectives and diversity. Excellence, greatness, authenticity and the extraordinary are the new baselines for success and we eagerly rise to the challenge with a hunger and passion not for self-gain, but for those others who will benefit from our impact.

As this occurs on an individual level the larger cultural and global structures will begin to reorganize. This is possibly why such a high degree of conflict and instability exists in the world right now. The separation is at extremes and reaching the tipping point. Buried secrets are being exposed, systems being pulled apart, people beginning to rise and speak their voice as one. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as it is, this increased unrest is a good sign. This unrest frees the energy necessary for the structures and power controllers to be challenged by the people they have once controlled.

A long-time mentor of mine Donald Epstein suggests that “preceding all transformation is crisis and temporary chaos.” This is essential in order to create enough instability and available energy for the system to come apart and reorganise to the next level of complexity.

The key question

“How do we navigate this shift to be on the leading edge of the new wave of consciousness?”

The answer is wholeness. To move from the lower vibration of lack, fear, greed, control and scarcity we need move beyond the illusion of separateness. We want to reclaim the awareness of being a self-organising, multidimensional being that is connected to and a part of the whole universe. Through non-judgmental self-inquiry, awareness and reorganisation of our parts we can begin to reassemble our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic systems into one light body. This does require some work to our operating system or more specifically our Nervous System and the pathways through which it communicates with the internal and external energy fields.

Ultimately there is no separation in the universe, that is an illusion of the mind to allow the mind to maintain control and is the exact mechanism that the leaders have utilized in their narratives to position themselves at the top for many decades. As we achieve wholeness we come to realise this and begin to live our lives differently.

For most of us there is a gap between where we currently are and this next level we are being called into. To fill this gap we often have some cleaning up to do, some defragging of the mind, emotions and body. We are not trying to heal, fix, treat or release anything. You are not broken. Instead we want to reintegrate the energy that was previously bound up and stuck in us. What was previously a problem, symptom or cause for our pain, becomes a source of fuel we can harness to bridge the gap and create wholeness. The symptoms or conditions of our lives are the signal it is time to make the shift. Many of us are getting very loud signals presently.

There are techniques and tools now emerging in the world which are supporting this next level of organisation. They are empowering tools that look very different to our old restorative approach of looking for causes to fix problems.

There is an urgency now that is relentless in its calling for higher levels of consciousness, wholeness and integrity. Many are hearing this calling but unsure what to do.

Start with being responsible for your own thoughts and judgements. Observe your self-talk and acknowledge to yourself when you are supportive or critical of yourself or others. Listen to your physical body as it is the vessel through which you experience life and it will give you signals when it needs reorganising. Try not to avoid the signal or manage it. Seek out people who can help you work with the self-organising energy of the body.

This requires a level of commitment and a new depth of responsibility which is very rewarding. It’s not a case of whether we want this responsibility, we just know we must step up and be the example that we want to see in the world. Realise that the universe, energy field and consciousness itself will support and provide everything that you need. Just trust yourself and allow the energy to guide you. This shift we are moving into is the largest leap in the evolution of humanity to date.

Enjoy the ride.

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