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Trauma is stored as Vibration

When an event occurs that our brain perceives as not being safe enough to fully experience, the energy and information of that event is translated into vibration, which is then stored in the physical body and the energetic field around the body. Our body then begins to isolate and lock down this vibrational energy and the tension associated with it. Muscular spasm, postural distortion, reduced breath and loss of flexibility occur. The body goes into a defensive stance, influencing our emotional range and perception of the world and how we feel within it.

Until the nervous system perceives it safe to re-experience the energy and information of the trauma and our body develops a strategy to achieve this, we cannot digest the information from the trauma nor can we learn from it, receive its gift or feel truly whole. We become stuck!

In this stuck state we tense more easily and our physiology sets to a baseline of stress. This functional baseline leads to a more ridged armoured structure in the muscles and spine. Our blood pressure tends to rise, our emotional range decreases and we become more reactive in ourselves and our relationships. Biochemically stress chemicals are released which inhibit our ability to pay attention to the unresolved energy, information and vibration that is related to the initial trauma. We focus more on the external threats to our stability, structure, security and identity and lack the ability to reintegrate the initial vibration of the traumatic event.

In this baseline organisation we have limited choices available to experience life. We attempt to control the outside world and seek certainty, security and assurance to feel safe. Our health diminishes and our relationships can become compromised. we simple don't feel fully safe in the world.

So how do we release this traumatic energy?

By using your hands, specific breath patterns, movements and focused awareness we can reconnect safely into the body part that has become locked and defensive, unlocking its healing energy and wisdom. The body moves away from defense and towards growth, effectively reorganising itself.

The key to this is safety. When we feel safe, the frontal cortex of the brain is able to reengage the energy and vibration and can then self-regulate the areas of the body that were holding the stuck patterns. In order to fix or heal something we must first be able to find it, acknowledge it and surrender to its message. We must reconnect to it.

This does not require us to re-experience the event or trauma, but we do need to connect to the body part that became blocked in the moment we went into defense. As we reconnect we liberate the areas that have become separated, we become more whole and life moves forward again

Craig Reynolds

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