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New clients please book below


We are always excited for new people to experience this work knowing the positive impact it can have on your life and those around you.

We ask you to allow up to 1.5 hours  for your initial appointment as we take a history and get to know you  and what sort of outcomes you are hoping for by working with us. We take this time because we want to make sure all your questions are answered and you are clear on exactly how we will be working together.  


We will explain how the process works and then work on you.


In the majority of cases after we have worked on your body we make recommendations based on what we have observed and what you might expect to achieve working with us. (Sometimes it is necessary to allow your body to integrate the session before giving accurate recommendations).  

Prior to your  first meeting with us, you will be encouraged to watch the video overview below which sets the tone for our first meeting.

The cost of this initial appointment is $120.00


We currently take new clients on  Thursdays and Fridays subject to availability. Please contact us through email or via the number provided to book times.

We are more than happy to chat with you prior to the appointment if you have questions you would like answered before booking.

​We look forward to meeting you soon.

​Kindest regards



Contact us for an initial Appointment

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New Client

New Client

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