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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

In this article we introduce one of our most fascinating 5th dimensional models, the Energetic Intelligences.

These Intelligences are important as they modulate energy and information. They are forces guiding how energy interfaces with matter and organises living systems and so we call them Energetic Intelligences. We experience them as six unique Energetic Intelligences - Bioenergetic, Emotional, Lower Thought, Upper Thought, Soul and Universal Spirit.

With sufficient energy these Intelligences provide the information and inspiration for coherence in our body and life supporting our highest purpose of growth and contribution. These Intelligences act as 'Organisational Strategists'.

How these Intelligences are organising energy is an essential perspective to consider when looking to a person’s behaviour, symptoms, health, self-identity, creativity, and relationship success. If under-resourced or lacking sufficient energy each of these Intelligences will influence the system in a very specific way.

This is vital information for our personal awareness as it gives us an additional tool to identify our energy state, orientation, and the Season of Well-being we may be experiencing at any given time. This depth of awareness allows us to hold a higher perspective of our current situation or experience. Here are the six Energetic Intelligences defined.

Bioenergetic Intelligence:

Responsible for our basic metabolic function (life force) such as growing healthy cells, digestion, liver control, cardiac and respiratory stability and survival. It is the basic energy that keeps us alive and functioning. Bioenergetic Intelligence seeks to stabilize our energy state at a basic functional baseline so we can thrive in our environment.

When this Intelligence is challenged it will express the influence of the Survivor. The survivor will seek to control the environment and everyone in it. It is concerned with the energy demands on the individual and seeks to 'play it safe', with its energy, time and resources such as money. The survivor will reduce all potential risk even in the face of a life-enriching opportunity, and will continually seek to downsize and conserve its energy for fear of a future threat or hardship that could threaten resources and survival.

Emotional Energetic Intelligence:

This Intelligence is responsible for creating rapid changes in our Bioenergetic Intelligence or our behaviour in response to fluctuation in the external world. It picks these fluctuations up via changes in the energy field around us via our senses. It is a destabiliser of energy for immediate biological action.

When this Intelligence is challenged the influence of the Reactor will be expressed. The Reactor has difficulty producing the range of emotion necessary for a situation and will often default to inappropriate or generalised emotional responses with projection of energy onto someone or something in the environment, often in an aggressive way.

We've all seen the classic emotional meltdown where people are being totally irrational. This is the Reactor at play and it is pre-rational due to the fact we cannot control it with our mind, and its behaviour is often out of context with the actual situation.

Lower Mental Energetic Intelligence:

This Intelligence is responsible for simple mental focus on things, events, locations, words and routine tasks. It is the sort of thinking that asks "When is it happening, where is it happening, what time"?

It is rational conditioned thinking and is strongly influenced and shaped by the cultural and social rules of our family, peers, media and community groups. It uses stories and beliefs to set boundaries and maintain stability in the pre-rational Intelligences hence keeping us safe and emotionally adaptable in our environment. It stabilises the system by locking events in time and space via memory, trapping energy in doing so and preparing us for what could occur.

When challenged for energy the Influencer of the Thinker is expressed. The Thinker tends to fixate on events or circumstances and replay them over and over. It is very rigid, argumentative, rule based and inflexible. The Thinker creates excessive mental chatter and can think too often or too much so that there is no way to make real progress in life. There is so much thinking that the experience of life is impaired and our fixed daily routines become our reality. This stunts our natural potential creativity and growth. The Thinker often has too many inconsistent rules or boundaries or has difficulty setting and holding boundaries.

Upper Mental Energetic Intelligence:

Responsible for complex mental focus and the ability to look at different ways or models of reality or life. It allows us to reason, see another person’s perspective and think in more innovative ways. This Intelligence can hold multiple perspectives allowing a more flexible approach to find the best or optimal outcome for the task at hand. It is the part of the mind responsible for making the bigger decisions such as major lifestyle or behaviour changes and has the ability to resolve chronic stuck patterns of behaviour or styles of living. For this reason this is a destabilizing intelligence.

When challenged the Confuser shows up. This Influence is challenged with 'understanding'. Either it doesn't understand or it must hyper-understand every detail, continually asking "Why" or "How" questions and never finding the perfect answer to resolve the situation.

The Confuser takes our models or 'way of living' and lives them to the extreme leaving no room for individual style. This leads to elitist thinking where there is one correct way and everybody needs to follow the script or be discredited. This creates an exclusive condition as unless you think, feel and act the same way as the optimizer you are inferior.

Soul Energetic Intelligence:

The first of the post-rational Intelligences Soul intelligence is linked to acceptance, gratitude, benevolence and love with the heart being its primary energy source. It presents as a 'personal knowing' and is focused on finding similarities between souls, seeing all people as important and worthy of dignity. Soul intelligence seeks to illuminate or bring light to the world. This intelligence helps us to download and experience our soul gifts, our authentic style or way of 'being'. Importantly this Intelligence is the modulator and energizer of all the lower intelligences. Soul seeks the greatest instability as it craves growth, expansion and spaciousness.

When challenged we see the influence of the Doubter. The Doubter will have difficulty with the concept of spirit or spirituality and will often be skeptical or avoid anything to do with spirit or spirituality. The Doubters struggle with knowing their soul gifts or expressing their gifts can be challenged with the idea of unconditional expressions of love, compassion and gratitude for all. The Doubter may resort to the rational mind to conceptualise soul, or project out to the experience of the 'Oneness' concept, bypassing the spiritual, love and experience of instability that soul creates.

Universal Spirit Energetic Intelligence:

This Intelligence unifies and integrates all that we know as real and true. It organises the force of attraction between souls through a super energy rich field. Additionally it awakens community, finds and honours serendipity and loves all of life. Ultimately it celebrates both the uniqueness of individuals and the oneness of all and weaves everything together through serendipity. All of the previous Energetic Intelligences mentioned involute (fold in from) from Universal Spirit Energetic Intelligence.

When challenged the influence of the Loner is expressed. The loner feels the pain of all humanity as their own and can be overwhelmed by the personal inability to receive all as gifts. The Loner finds ways to experience the illusion of separateness hence its title. It can be challenged with the potential of strategic partnerships, sharing the soul’s gifts and legacy. It has difficulty envisioning or associating with these larger concepts.

There is much more depth to share however for now look simply to get familiar with each Energetic Intelligence and Influencer and look for them in yourself and in others. As always "A.A.A." your experience. Be Aware, Acknowledge, Accept AND Bless what you have discovered about yourself or another.

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