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"What goes up must come down".

Updated: Dec 7, 2020


After the grace of the ascent stage we now know the source of power, love and consciousness is Universal. It does not come from us or from others. It does not depend on our situations or circumstances. It is always present and we are one with it.

As we enter the stage of Decent we recognise this and are filled with the blessing of being connected to the source of all creation, its love, power and understanding. We awaken to the fact that we have gifts to give within our physical being, from within our grounded physiology. We may not know what these gifts are but we know they are there and they will be valuable when the time is right to give them. We experience an overwhelming, but natural love for all whom we encounter irrespective of how they may have treated us in the past. We experience unconditional love and come to realise more and more that love is not to be received from others. Love is to be experienced and shared.

As we complete this stage of consciousness we begin to come back down into our physical body, back to our thoughts and feelings. We no longer feel capable of competing with others for their energy or attention. We also no longer need to give others our energy because we have now realised there is no 'ours' or 'theirs'. We are all simply a channel for universal energy.

One of the challenges as we come back from this lofty place is in our ability to live in the world and offer others our best. We call this giving our gifts and we do it now from a place of groundedness and insight, without feeling special or self-important.

We still perform the everyday tasks of life but we now have new perspectives, energy and understanding. We come more into alignment with the natural rhythms of life and are able to hold a more sustainable state of grace and gratitude as we perform the daily activities. We no longer get hooked in the dramas playing out around us or attached to our experiences. We experience a new and different way of thinking which is almost magical. This begins to be the foundation of our life.

As we complete this stage we become more aware of the quality of our interaction within our world as we further connect to the external rhythms around us. We are naturally drawn

to bring this new quality to those around us and we move towards the last and highest level of consciousness.

Craig Reynolds

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