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The Purpose Of Pain

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Have you ever considered the idea that pain might be more than a simple annoyance to get rid of? What if pain held the secret to progressing and living a more fulfilled inspired life?

Stop! Pay attention. Something is not working.

In this article we are going to look at pain from a different perspective and bring to your awareness different types of pain and how you may work with them to unlock their hidden messages to progress your life.

Before we start I want to mention that we are not focusing on acute, sharp, stabbing, aching or radiating nerve pain. Neither are we focusing pain caused by trauma such as broken bones or head injuries, cuts or bruises. Instead we are focusing on the underlying patterns of behaviour, thinking and the ways we have been living that lead us to deeper more chronic states of pain and suffering.

The first two types of pain are created by our desire to have less of something. Less of an experience, less confrontation, less uncertainty or less stress in our lives. Unfortunately like with many things in life our desire to move away from something will often see it showing up more aggressively in our life.

The pain of avoiding something:

Let’s be real…life can be painful - physically and emotionally. Most of us avoid taking the time to really feel the depth of our pain and instead find the fastest most effective way we know to control or suppress it - we’ve all been there. Our discomfort, fear, anxiety and denial will drive us to move away or control whatever is uncomfortable. We look at the cause and try to fix the problem so we won’t need to feel the experience. Our culture really supports this behaviour by marketing and promoting rapid relief products and new interventions to control uncomfortable aspects of life.

If we can stop avoiding the pain and acknowledge that it is trying to show us something about our life or lifestyle, then we can have the opportunity to surrender to the message and ‘be with it’ for a moment. In doing this we honour the body’s message and we can find peace and safety in the experience. This can open the doorway for us to make a more constructive change than simple avoidance.

The pain of not being able to manage your situation or circumstances:

This second type of pain involves the thinking mind, but will also have physical and emotional implications. The conversation for this person often involves being overwhelmed by life’s circumstances or a situation that is dire and out of their control. It can be in any area of life from our ability to manage our business, finances, relationships, time demands or a health concern. The underlying theme is that we can’t have things the way we want, we are unable to manage the situation or control what is happening. The problem we perceive is often outside of us and we feel powerless to control it. The mind loops a story or belief about what is happening (or not happening) which stagnates us and limits our ability to progress in life. This causes pain.

Once we gain awareness and accept that the only thing we can manage is our response to life, the meaning we give situations and our actions, we are able to release the need to manage everything.

Imagine a life where you no longer needed to control anything or anyone, a life that you just allowed to unfold in front of you. This is the key to progressing from this source of pain.

Maybe this week you could observe if you are either using the 'avoidance strategy' or the 'management strategy'. Notice the impact it is having on you and those around you. Notice how you feel when you bring this awareness to the pattern.

Craig Reynolds

At Orenda we teach you how to access and direct the energy required to unlock the secrets of pain and use it wisdom to progress forward in your life.

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