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Right now I feel totally helpless

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Please end this!

When we are in the depth of physical or emotional suffering logic and reason simply do not work. Someone telling you that 'it will be ok' and 'you will get through it' actually can intensify your suffering. To you the situation appears hopeless.

Only one thing that actually works at this point.

Acknowledging that you are suffering and there appears to be no way out is important. Additionally having another person confirm that something is indeed very wrong and that you are hurting can give us a slight sense of peace.

When another acknowledges our suffering and despair they are helping us to find resolution with the only reality that can free us. That is the reality that ‘Nothing is working right now’.

When we suffer we feel deep inside, that something is terribly wrong with our life and that there is nothing we can do about it. We feel paralyzed, helpless, victimized and obsessed with getting rid of ‘it’.

This is an energy poor state that forces us to give in to the suffering. As our mind drops away (there is not enough energy for thinking) we are able to simply experience the pain or fear. We find that the suffering has it’s own rhythm.

Anything we do to compete with the suffering prolongs the experience. As we surrender to the suffering we begin to see what is behind the pain or fear. There is a moment, a space between our thoughts where we are able to identify what is causing the pain and this creates an energy shift.

So if you find yourself in despair or are supporting someone who is in a deep state of suffering know that the fastest way through the experience is to surrender and acknowledge the fact that "Right now nothing works”.

Surrender into the energy of the experience and you will find a stillness. Within this stillness

you will find peace and some awareness of what is really causing the issues.

- Dr Craig Reynolds

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