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Merging with the shadow

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This stage of consciousness is where we finally have enough energy to merge with the fears, pains, illusions and story's behind our suffering. We are able to do due to the inner strength, courage and wholeness we have gained via the earlier stages we have progressed through. We are now able to face the shadow (or the light) that we have been separated from. This stage allows us to merge behind the consciousness that was generated by the creation of our separateness. This is an important point to grasp. When we become separated within ourselves a consciousness develops to keep us distracted from the real issue. Its like a smoke screen or an illusion that the mind creates to keep us in check and safe.

As we merge through the smoke screen or illusion, we feel a new sense of personal empowerment on intellectual, spiritual and emotional levels. This strength comes from discovering the truth about certain aspects of ourselves that were previously hidden from us.

This is not a stage that can think our way into, it is very natural rhythm and the timing must be right. If we attempt to merge too early or without having completed the previous stages there are physical and emotional consequences. For this reason we often do not know we are merging until we are well immersed in it.

When the timing is right to merge we are able to see all of our parts and respect them, regardless of their past impact on our lives. We invite them to participate with us again.

At this point we are now able to FEEL MORE, and therefore can experience whatever was behind our suffering. This involves us simply observing ourselves during our interactions with the pain, fears or suffering. We don't do anything yet, we simply observe our interactions within ourselves.

An important note to make is that the process of therapeutics and medicine often aborts the attempt to merge with the symptom, or its source, because in order to merge with it we must not judge it as wrong. The minute we judge it as wrong we are experiencing it as bad and there would be no desire to merge with something bad. To simply observe the chaos and the influence of the illusions on our lives requires inner strength, trust and stillness.

Until we are able to merge with whatever is behind our illusions there can be no resolution. The illusions will continue to gain strength when we compete against them or buy into the story behind them. This often leads to sabotage of our relationships and robs us of our power, trust and health. Most commonly react to issues that are secondary or compensatory to our illusions. Often our responses to the challenges of life are distraction based on non-issues or the illusions we are focusing on.

Craig Reynolds

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