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It’s All Me

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Your saying I'm the problem?

Most of us are familiar with the idea that our external environment reflects our internal world. While we may understand this on some levels how do we use that concept to help us on our journey towards wholeness.

It starts with the recognition that the external experiences we are having are helping shine light on separated disconnected parts within us. These are parts are our unresolved traumas, wounds, pains and the energies associated with them. They are reflected to us via our relationships, work, family dynamics and health challenges. We often experience them as emotions. It is natural to judge these external reflections as good, bad, right, wrong, desirable or undesirable and to blame and project energy at them due to how they make us feel. It could be a partner or a friend who has dishonored us, or a situation or event that has gotten blown out of proportion and become emotionally charged.

These judgments we make often lead us to seek an external authority to help remove or alleviate the cause and the effects of these discomforts. Specialists, treatments, processes, procedures are all employed to help address the experiences that we are having. Our desire is to either avoid the experience altogether or manage the situation so we can continue with our normal life and lifestyle.

Predictably neither of these approaches work long term and actually cause us more pain and suffering. Our higher self is trying to call our attention back to the internal blockage which is requiring acknowledgement and will therefore continue to call in external agents to reflect this to us.

At this point we take one of two paths. The first is the most familiar where we seek out another external specialist or procedure to look at the same problem for a new angle, with a new treatment plan or management strategy. The second offers us a new opportunity. If we are able to see that there is a pattern or repetitive theme that the external world is showing us AND that somehow, we are involved in this pattern we open up a small window of opportunity to move to the next level of consciousness.

This is all it takes, just the acknowledgement that we are involved in the process and then to patiently wait for the energy to shift.

Critical to this whole concept is the understanding that your physical body is a biological vessel that transmits signals into the universal field. This universal field then reflects back 'like' signals

that show up as people, situations and opportunities. What is showing up in your world is a match to the vibration you are holding within yourself.

Once we can acknowledge this we can begin to draw in the energy and consciousness that will move us forward to the next step where we can take responsibility and empower ourselves.

Craig Reynolds

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