Internal or External

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

What is my Orientation?

Every one of us is designed to evolve to higher levels of order. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth is the game we are playing; it is the natural organic direction our lives are designed to move in. Some of us go deep within to achieve this, while others go outside of ourselves to source the fuel for this growth. One of the most fascinating concepts we work with at Orenda is related to how energy and information flow into your system and we call this Orientation.

Remember that energy is the organising force that allows all systems to either level up and evolve or chunk down to conserve. Evidence shows we are at our happiest, most inspired and creative when we are growing within ourselves, our relationships and ultimately our lives. So knowing how your system draws in energy is critical to ensure you have the ability to resource yourself, create sustainable change and move with the flow of life, not against it.

We currently understand there to be two orientations, internal and external. You will see qualities of both in yourself as naturally we all go deep within sometimes and out into the energy field other times. The key distinction is which direction do you go first as this will determine the ease and energy available for change. Here are some of the distinctions between the two:

Internal: “Everything I need is within me”.

Internals will look to their past to gain energy, information and meaning. They then use this knowledge to take calculated steps forward when implementing change in their lives. They are often conservative in their planning, thinking and behavior and make a series of small steps when looking for change. Their history, past wounds and heritage are a valuable source of information and wisdom and internals will re-visit these experiences from their past continually gaining more and more knowledge, meaning, healing and growth from them. Internals will often hold similar perspectives and ideas as their parents, they will structure their lives, careers and social activities around traditional values that may have been passed down the generations. Internals like to have things done in a certain way (usually their way) and require people to do things correctly and traditionally to be accepted.

If you are internal you go within to find your solutions.

External: “Everything I need is out there”.

Externals look past the day to day stuff to the bigger picture. They make big changes and are always looking for the next level in whatever they are doing. If they get stuck in the small stuff it can become overwhelming and create stress.

Externals have a tendency to break the family traditions. They go beyond the set out path and often position themselves on the periphery of their family, societal or cultural circle, not getting emotionally involved in the internal workings of the family or community unit or dynamics.

Externals don’t require evidence to accept a new concept. If the idea sounds valid and feels right the external will usually accept it and get involved and have the experience. Externals embrace other's perspectives, behaviours and ways of life. Most externals are focused for others and use their own personal experiences, traumas and successes to feel and understand what others are going through. Additionally they can do things for others more effortlessly than for self.

External is an inclusive orientation and sees all things as adding to the big picture. Externals are energy rich when they are looking beyond what is to what could be, so they are very future focused. The past holds little value for the external and can be a source of pain.

If external you go outside of yourself to find the solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you are internal or external both have powerful gifts to offer you and for you to bring to the world. The key is to know your orientation and live it.This may take some work and we need to be responsible for observing ourselves. The reward is effortless energy for change.

As practitioners what we predominantly find is that practice members that are suffering or struggling in their health, relationships or life are orientating themselves incorrectly. This will feel like swimming against a strong current.

Simply knowing where to orientate your focus to and access energy from can have a dramatic impact on your life, your energy states and your ability to make organic seamless change.

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