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Discharge is a natural healing response.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Your body's intelligence knows how to heal you, naturally.

Sometimes this healing requires a discharge of toxins or toxic energy from the body. Many would consider “sickness” as something that is happening to us, but it is in fact a natural process of the body going from a state of distress to ease. We first have to release something we don’t want in order to prepare for a new level of health; we call this process

the body discharging.

A high fever for example helps dissipate energy that has been blocked within the body. It increases circulation, stimulates the production of white blood cells, enhances immunity and promotes the filtration and elimination of toxins. Coughing and sneezing are dramatic ways in which the body helps clear the respiratory system. Vomiting and diarrhoea are chaotic and messy ways in which the body discharges what no longer serves the digestive system. Pain provides us a clear and direct message to stop and modify our behaviour. But discharge does not only have to be experienced just on a physical level, sometimes we can build up emotional tension to a point where we can’t take it anymore. Someone or something has upset us and we reach the critical point where we react and express an emotional behaviour, maybe through yelling, screaming or having a good old snotty sob. But what a relief when it’s off our chest isn’t it? These are all natural discharge processes.

Discharge literally means ‘no charge’. So it is the release of energy and tension that has been trapped, repressed or ignored. It is toxins releasing from either the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. Releasing allows us to access our higher potential and often includes a temporary loss of control or instability within us and there lies the challenge.

Society supports the control of phenomena such as discharge, in order to make us feel comfortable around others. The medical community seeks control as the basis of health, their focus is often to create stability in the system and return it to a normal state of function as quick as possible, rather than potentially seeing the process through to its natural completion.

We must realise that we cannot be healthy unless we first go out of control. This is the very process that enables us to find a new source of energy to create change in our lives. Healing therefore sometimes involves being out of control, there will be some instability to our normal patterns and the discharge can be an out of control response whether it be an outside catalyst for change or an internal symptom. The magic gift is in the loss of control, as this allows us to reconnect to our own internal, infinite healing power and this will reorganise us to our next level of health increasing our resilience.

If a discharge process is happening in a system that is unable to reorganise itself and recover it can be dangerous and should be treated with caution. If the body is determined to eliminate the toxin at whatever cost, yet lacks the energy to fully discharge the toxic event there is the potential for a dangerous situation. Medical or therapeutic interventions may be necessary at this point.

If you feel something is really wrong or you feel helpless and know the process must be stopped then yes do seek help. These experiences are consistent with certain stages of healing and indicate an energy system that may not be able to fulfil the discharge process at this current time.

Be aware of how you feel and what you are thinking through your experience. Acknowledge these feelings or thoughts with a trusted friend or therapist who knows you. Most of all accept that this is where you are being called to at this point on your healing journey to wholeness.

Craig Reynolds

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