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Energy is the organising force

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Humans are amazing. Right now as you are reading these words your body is replacing cells at a rate of 2 million per second. If we stop and contemplate this for just a moment it reinforces to us that we are highly intelligent dynamic self-organising systems and that much of this organisation is occurring below the level of our consciousness. What our mind focuses on in any given day is not all that is going on in our lives. There is intelligence within us working on many levels to ensure our health, wellness growth and evolution.

Energy is the resource it utilizes to achieve this.

Let’s discuss the three basic energy states we will experience in life and learn how our emotions, thoughts, actions and participation in this amazing game of life is directly linked to the amount of available energy we have.

Lets start with the lowest energy state, energy poor. When we are in this poor energy the highest achievement and number one priority for the day is survival. We experience a paralyzed, frozen state. We have all experienced this at some stage when we have been so ill (or hungover) that we are barely functioning. We are paralyzed, lying in bed or resting not able to participate in the world, hold a conversation or access any consistent rational thinking. We are barely functioning, just holding our head above the water.

The second energy state is energy neutral. It is a step up from energy poor and it achieves this via the thinking part of our mind. Most of the world lives in energy neutral. In this energy state we have enough energy to survive and manage minor fluctuations in our lives, relationships and the world around us. The objective is to be comfortable and fit in and we manage life in a calculated way to stay safe and have certainty. In this energy state everything is an effort, there are always reasons, stories, excuses, conditions, illnesses or beliefs that limit our ability to progress. The story, diagnosis, condition or belief serves an important purpose. It binds energy via thought intelligence. The mind locks the event or story as a memory and this holds energy for us, so it is a higher energy source than having no story (energy poor) and its the reason why people are sometimes happy to have a diagnosis, or why some people have constant drama in life.This is better than no story however it is still energy neutral and you cannot get to the next level of organisation from here. You are trapped, stuck in your story and often totally unaware of it.

The third energy state is energy rich. When we are energy rich we not only have enough energy to survive and manage minor fluctuations but now we have enough energy left over in the tank to pump into the field around us and inspire others. People get excited when they are around an energy rich individual. In energy rich we have enough energy to build something new, create or innovate new ideas. We can look beyond the cultural views that controlled us in energy neutral because we don’t care about being accepted, fitting in or if we are liked. We realise we are here to make an impact and our focus is on the goal, objective and how we may contribute our gifts to the people around us. When in an energy rich state the energy we hold and the congruence of our energetic structure draws people and opportunities to us. It’s not about what we say or do; it’s more about the coherence of the energy within us, vibrating from us that inspires people. We become extremely efficient, flexible, compassionate, supportive and magnetic. There are no problems only opportunities. We are not managing anything, avoiding anything or making any excuses. We are building something new, we are not deterred we are determined. Life is on our terms and we dictate the outcome. In this energy state our self-organising intelligence is expressing itself in its ideal form and we are weaving through life, illuminating those people whose paths we cross. Life is magical, effortless and inspiring.

All three energy states have their individual purposes, wisdom and teachings for us at different stages of our journey to our authentic self. The key is to be aware of which state you are in. Acknowledge you are there, and then accept that there is wisdom to be gained from the rhythm you are in. Accept, do not reject your energy state.

Craig Reynolds

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