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Energy is the connecting force

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I am filled with energy and consciousness

From the stillness and emptiness we experience when we still the mind a connectedness arises. We become aware that we are more than a physical body and we experience both the inner and outer energies of the field in relationship with each other. We begin to perceive that there is a life force, an energy or intelligence that flows and expresses itself through us.

We may experience this in different ways. A warmth, tingling, vibration, light or color and it can be similar to the energy you might experience after an intense workout. This awareness in itself is not the full experience of this stage of consciousness. It is only when we experience the energy with a feeling of peace, simplicity, joy or happiness that we are having the full experience of the energy behind our physical form. This experience can create a rush of excitement. We gain a sense that this energy has been there all along and we begin to see it in others also and we like to play with this energy like a new toy.

An important note to make here is that in order to safely experience and gain the wisdom of this stage we must have a nervous system that is clear of interference. In a system that is not yet whole and integrated this volume and rush of energy can be a traumatic experience. We want to be grounded within ourselves or this experience can send us back into the lower stages and create suffering and further separation. 

Part of the reason for this is due to the realization that we are not who we thought we were. We discover that there is more to us than we previously knew. With this awareness comes a responsibility to use the energy wisely for ourselves and others. As we move deeper into this stage we experience the connection of this vital energy to joy, beauty, purity and excitement. We are grateful and acknowledge the organic flow of the energy.  We no longer play with it or attempt to manipulate it, we simply observe and experience it. 

The completion of this rhythm is characterized by our awareness that we are directly connected to our environment. The experience of the energy flowing to us and through us takes on a new depth. We again connect to a deeper experience of gratitude for the support we are given by the energy field and our environment. We experience the energetic threads or interconnections contained within all events, circumstances and situations. We observe how everything is interwoven. The laws of manifestation and attraction take on a whole new meaning t us.

This greater experience of the energy and fabric of the field without the controlling filter of the mind allows us to trust in our true essence.


Life takes on a whole new perspective.

Craig Reynolds

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