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New Age Myth: As i become more evolved i will have less negative emotions.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Feelings that are unpleasant to experience such as anger, grief, rage and frustration are what many call "negative" emotions. When experienced over a prolonged period of time these emotions can be harmful to our health and wellness, but they really are just part of the natural flow of life and play an essential role in helping us to make important changes in our physiology and behavior when necessary.

Understanding emotions and their purpose helps us to dispel this myth that waking up and living authentically and evolving our consciousness will mean we no longer experience negative emotions.

The word emotion simply means 'energy in motion' so labeling emotions as positive or negative is actually meaningless. Think of emotions as packets of energy which have the potential to move us very rapidly for a very short period of time.

The danger comes when we get stuck in an emotional state or stuck trying to obtain an emotional state. When we get stuck in emotional states the physical body binds tension in the shoulders, neck, back and legs. This bound energy (emotion that is stuck) is struggling to move and the pressure rises eventually leading to pain and stiffness in the body. Additionally as the body is binding tension so too is the mind. Both the body and mind become inflexible and our ridged thinking, rules and judgement comes to the forefront - we can become reactive and judge our emotional state as right or wrong, positive or negative.

If we try to starve ourselves of these emotions we can starve ourselves of a vital energy source leading us into an energy poor state, never having the capacity to build enough energy to reach the tipping point where change happens.

We have been encouraged to think positive and re-frame negative emotions, but in reality its all just energy existing on a continuum that is designed to help us take action.

So there is really no such thing as a negative emotion; there is only energy and information available for change. As we wake up and experience more of our authentic self we can learn to embrace all emotions, we are hungry for their energy and the drive they provide for us to reach the next level of development - irrespective of how they feel.

Craig Reynolds

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