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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The most sought after state of consciousness is the stage or rhythm we call ascent. It is the place mystics, gurus and spiritual teachers have long spoken about. As we transcend the previous stage where we experienced being filled with energy or consciousness  a clear distinction becomes evident. Rather than being filled with the light, energy or consciousness we become the energy, we become the consciousness.

In a previous stage of consciousness we have merged with non-integrated shadow aspects of ourselves. Now we merge with the unrecognized wholeness of our being. We feel safe, connected and embraced. We are both observing  and are aware of being observed at the same time. It is an experience of both seeing ourselves and observing ourselves beyond sight, which creates a shift in our consciousness reality.

We can find no language to explain this experience now that the observer and observed are one. It is simply a state of being and knowing which can cause some chaos as all of our reference points fall away. With enough depth in the earlier stages and an integrated sense of self we are able to experience a quantum leap in our view of the reality of the universe and ourselves. We are now fully connected to the source.

Without the boundaries of the separated self, our experience and contact with the energetic and spiritual nature of reality is more intense. Instead of a physical being having a spiritual experience  we realise we are spirit having a physical hallucination. The source of love, creativity and our gifts is not separate from us, we are made of it.

We experience life through light, sound, vibration and touch and it is a humbling experience.

Awe, joy, gratitude and oneness are the emotions and expressions we experience through this stage of consciousness. 

Craig Reynolds

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