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A clean slate

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As we complete resolution and discharge the energy and information that was limiting our wholeness we experience a new state of being. There is an emptiness and stillness which allows us a level of presence and connection with our internal and external worlds that was previously unavailable. This level of presence is often experienced in the stillness of nature. We may walk outside and just feel a stillness and in the air. No wind, no noise just a moment of emptiness and connection.

As we enter this state of emptiness we can often feel lonely and vulnerable as our physical, emotional and energetic amour has been discharged and the heart is open to the world and the new possibilities it holds for us. 

The emptiness creates a vacuum that begins to draw in new experiences, opportunities and people for our continued growth, evolution and healing. We have a greater awareness of our internal rhythms and their connections into our outer world. We become aware that this emptiness is a space for creation and that all manifestations come from this place. We are not thinking this we are knowing it. We have a sense that we have a clean slate to create with yet the mind is still. Again we see the synchronicity in our life, however now we know that this is the way natural way of creating and are no longer surprised by it. We get a greater sense of the interconnections of all things and we feel this with all our senses.

This stage of consciousness is often a time where we will make major lifestyle changes. These changes simply happen and we know they are necessary, regardless of logic or reason. We sense a wholeness and strength within ourselves and commit to action in a fearless, graceful way. Lifestyle changes at this stage of consciousness are usually beneficial for all those who we are in relationship with.

As we complete this phase we feel a sense of gratitude for the supportive nature of the universe in which we exist. We see how we are connected and how we are supported, gaining a sense that there is more to the rhythms and events of life that our five senses can fathom. We actually begin to see the energetic threads within these rhythms, within our internal conversations, and the within the relationships between ourselves and others.

This is the first stage of 'being'.

Craig Reynolds

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