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Becoming Multidimensional Workshop

This video has been deleted.

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Workshop Details -

Pre Event Course Material

The following topics will be discussed in depth via online platforms.

  • The concept of  higher dimensional fields. What are they and how do they influence our lives?

  • Bound energy vs Unbound energy and the shift of humanity. 

  • Four key energy states we all live through, what they mean and how to identify them in your life.

  • Your Keystone strategy for managing your life/pain/change. (This one is huge).

  • Conscious focus as a means of tapping the unbound energy of the higher dimensional fields. (An introduction to the bundling concept)


This content alone will begin your process to becoming multidimensional and set the stage for an optimal learning experience.


The key focus and learning on the day will be around how to consciously and organically condition and imprint the higher dimensional fields for yourself and others. We will cover and experience the following things

  • Review of the online course material and learn how to apply that  material in everyday life. 

  • Detailed explanation and demonstration of how to bundle multiple perspectives to ignite the energy rich unbound energy of the field.

  • A template for creating  bundles.

  • Interactive pod work with other seekers as we learn how to hold space and energy for others in the higher dimensional fields.

  • 1-1 table time as we anchor your bundles from the field and into your physiology creating a direct link to the unbound. (These exchanges will be like nothing you have experienced in the office)

Additional to being and experiential learning experience this event will offer the opportunity for collaborative relationships/friendships to form. It is about bringing a community of seekers together. 

Please ask any questions you have and we look forward to seeing you there.


Saturday 28th March 2020


8:30am - 7:30pm


Quality Inn Hotel Parnell

10-20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell


Cost: $220.00

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