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Change the field, Change Matter: Dr Joe Dispenza

If you took your attention off of your body, your life, your identity, the thing things you own, the people you know, the places you go, and the concept of time, the only thing you’d be left with is pure consciousness. That means you’d be disinvesting your attention and energy out of this 3D reality and placing it on this immaterial realm called the quantum field—a place in which only energy, light, and information exists as frequency. And if where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and if you place all of your attention on this invisible field of energy that can’t be experienced with your senses—only with your awareness (or consciousness)—then you would be investing your attention and energy into the field. This is the realm that gives birth to matter. But how does matter take form?

If you stripped an atom down to its raw essentials, all that exists is energy and information, but the atom is not without design. Even at that quantum level, there within exists a structure and orderliness, so there must be some intelligence or force that is unifying and ordering them. The question then is—if you could get beyond your body, beyond the people in your life, the things you own, the places you visit, and time itself—if you took your attention off of everything material, could you connect to this energy? And if you could connect with this more organized, more coherent energy, would it not bring more organized and coherent energy into your body and life, both internally and externally?

What gives life to matter is energy. Every form and structure of life—from humans, to plants, to plankton, down to the cell—has an energy field around it. That field creates a pattern around the life form, and that pattern also exists as energy in the field. Most people think that matter is emitting some type of vibration, light, or information, or that it’s matter which is emitting the field. But according to the quantum model of reality, it’s not matter that emits the field—it’s the field that creates matter.

So if the pattern exists as a frequency or as light in the field, in order for you to begin to really heal something or change something, you would have to get beyond everything known in your life and enter the unknown. When you do that, now you’re swimming upstream, returning to source, and you’re no longer putting your attention on the tumour or whatever that thing is in your life that you’re trying to alter or create. Instead, what you’re doing is changing the pattern in the field. And if you understand that you are changing it in the field—and you continue to change it in the field—if you can keep changing the pattern in the field, then something new will begin to holographically be projected into 3D reality.

Think of it this way: Imagine for a moment the lightbulb of a slide projector shining outward. Then imagine a photo slide existing in the light field of the projector. The slide is the pattern in the light, but the reality we are observing that appears on the screen is nothing more than a hologram projected from the pattern. Trying to change a health condition matter to matter is like trying to change the image projected on the screen instead of changing the slide. Now if you return this concept to the idea of health, the appearance of that healing in your life is the hologram being projected from source by changing the pattern in the field.

So then if you are trying to change matter, then you are believing in the illusion that matter is more real than energy, but the reality is you can’t have life without energy, so you have to get beyond matter in order to change matter. Every time you change the pattern in the field, you are literally changing the pattern in 3D reality. When you become a powerful enough creator, then you don’t have to worry about changing matter as matter.

Instead, you’ll focus on changing matter by changing the pattern in the field. Change the field, you change matter.

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