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Resolution with Discharge

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The final stage of transformation comes after reclaiming our power and merging into greater wholeness. We have built the necessary energy and prepared for the release of whatever needs to be resolved. We are ready.

The final act of Resolution comes when we discharge the stuck energy pattern and are able to move from a higher to a lower vibration on whatever it is we are resolving. It could be the release of a tension pattern stored in our body creating a chronic health challenge, or the leaving of a relationship or workplace that has been distressing and draining us.

This discharge of energy can be subtle or dramatic but will always be accompanied with a sense of ease or freedom that was not previously experienced when achieved it at this level of consciousness. While we can experience discharge in all stages of healing in this state we do not focus on what we are losing but rather on the wholeness we are gaining from the elimination of the stuck energy pattern.

The preparation we made in the earlier stages pays off and we are able to enter this resolution phase with the awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance that at some stage in life this pattern was valid. We no longer judge ourselves, others or the thing we are discharging. We accept that it served a purpose but that purpose has now been fulfilled and it is time to move on.

Critical to this phase of resolution is the surrendering of the dominant patterns of thinking which have frozen concepts of events, circumstances and illusions of self in time and space. For this reason the discharge part of this phase is often an out of control response. The thinker must be taken out of the picture to achieve this. Think of a churning stomach with the awareness you are about to vomit. Even if you try to stop it it is coming out and you are not in mental control of it.

The key to create full resolution, is in the acknowledgement of the stuck pattern, the energy and its influence on our identity. These stuck, blocked patterns the mind has locked in place have distorted our sense of who we truly are and we are now ready to resolve this and come into a more authentic version of ourselves.

The classic experience of this phase of our journey sounds something like this:

"I am so ready to finally resolve the patterns that have been distracting me from who I am really here to be. I am committed to engage in this now. As I experience the power of the energy behind the stories that have keep me small I fully accept that they were there to protect me from pain but I now wish to resolve the anchors that have been holding them in place."

There is a focus, excitement and strength that comes with this acknowledgement.

Craig Reynolds

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