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Explore a new way of Being

Our focus at Orenda is to help you reorganise how your body and mind move energy, respond to stress and deal with the demands of modern day life.  

We achieve this by working with your nervous systems physical and energetic structures, creating new deeper connections between the brain and body.

The outcome is a more productive response to the challenges life may be presenting you.


At Orenda we work on the premise there is nothing broken, that everything your body and life is presenting to you is an opportunity for your growth and personal development.  


We do not aim to find causes, fix or treat you. Our aim is to integrate all parts of you so you can heal yourself and experience you authentic nature.

We create the space for you to change your physiology, change your perspective, change your behaviour and chnage the quality of your life.

We know that energy is the key to this sustainable change. Let us show you how to source the energy and direct it to whatever area of life is seeking your attention.

What aspect of your body, life or relationship needs attention?

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