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The Seasons of Wellbeing

The Seasons Of Wellbeing give context to the experiences you are having in your body, relationships and life. Understanding the seasons allows you to know what emotions, energy and consciousness you are working with.

The Seasons of wellbeing - Craig Reynolds


Discover how pain, suffering, judgement and frustration influence our ability to heal and advance when we are stuck . Learn about the stages, emotions and energy movement in this amazing season of self discovery

Discover - Craig Reynolds


The season of Transform is the time to take action. Deliberate, focused attention on what we want to achieve requires a different set of emotions and movement of energy  than in Discover. Learn the  clear deliberate steps you can take to empower and orientate yourself to the consciousness of Transform

Transform - Craig Reynolds


The season of Awaken teaches us that everything is connected and that energy is the organising force. Become familiar with the consciousness of Awaken, where we lead with our hearts not our heads

Awaken - Craig Reynolds


The Season of Intergate teaches us how to consciously blend the energy and information of the previous three seasons.

Integrate - Craig Reynolds
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