Tips for your appointments

1. The website  is fantastic and for anyone wanting more depth of information it is the place to start. The new client video explains enough for most people to grasp at least the basic concept so when people start asking you what the process is about this is where you want to direct them. Visit the blogs page as we are continually posting new articles of high value.

2. We also have two Facebook pages you will be invited to if you are a Facebook user. One is for the general public and the second is a closed group where we post the real goodies, the juicy stuff.

3. The key in the initial stages is to get you appointments that are at the right frequency for your needs, desires  and the outcomes you are looking for. We are realistic about individual circumstances.  When booking appointment we like you to think about where you are positioning this commitment to yourself relative to your other responsibilities such as work, children, other leisure activities.

Try and find times you can commit to in advance rather than trying to fit your appointments around other things.

4. There are online booking options for our regular clients or you can text, phone or email.
In most instances texting is preferred form of communication due to its speed and ease of reply at our end

1. When you arrive enter into the waiting room and organise yourself. If you are a little early or slightly late do not worry about contacting us just come in. Please turn your Cellphones off, wallet, keys, coins in the baskets provided and take a moment to check in and calm the mind. 

2. Then bring your possessions into the main room. If you arrive and there is a free table just come in yourself and have a seat. If there is no space wait in the waiting room until we call you.

3. When you are waiting on the table observe how others are moving. Look at the waves in their bodies, how they may be stretching, breathing or what they may be sharing about their experiences.
 Modelling is one of the fastest and most effective ways for us to learn. Seeing how others are moving often gives us permission to be more active on the table. With this in mind realise that we all develop this process slightly differently so it only a rough guide when you are observing.

5. If at any time you require a private conversation just let us know and we will organise a phone call or 1-1 appointment. Please communicate any concerns you have with us about any part of the process. We welcome the feedback and acknowledge that working in a group environment is novel.

6. After your session it may be necessary for you to sit quietly for a moment and gather yourself before heading into the next task for the day. If we need to take payment we will come and organise it, however we will be showing you how to make your own payments early on so that we are not required to continually leave the room to run the eftpos machine.

7. We schedule our appointments very carefully so you should not experience long waiting times and can safely book commitments after your sessions without worrying about running excessively late.

Cancellations and rescheduling - are a fact of our modern day lives. We request 24hrs notice of reschedules or cancellations so that we can have an opportunity to reuse those spots. We acknowledge that sometimes emergencies happen and you simply can’t get here and we understand this. We do charge a missed appointment fee at our discretion and those collected fees go into a sponsorship fund for people in the community who require support in order to receive care. Cancelled appointments are charged at full fee.